Moshe Ivgy on Sunday night
Moshe Ivgy on Sunday night Flash 90

One of the woman accusing renowned Israeli actor Moshe Ivgy of sexual harassment has filed an official police complaint - making her the first woman in the case to do so. 

Police are investigating her claim and trying to determine if a statute of limitations applies. 

The woman turned to police Monday after nearly a dozen women came forward last week, asserting to news outlets that Ivgy had sexually harassed them, in most cases during the course of their work with him acting in theaters, TV and feature-length films.

On Sunday it was reported that police began collecting evidence against Ivgy and were contacting his accusers to determine if there is enough evidence to open criminal proceedings against the actor.

While not all of the complainants have decided to cooperate with police, it appears for now that Ivgy will be questioned under caution and an investigation launched.

Ivgy publicly responded for the first time to the allegations after a stage performance in Tel Aviv on Sunday evening. 

Speaking at the end of a show, Ivgy told the audience that "the reports in recent days have turned my life upside down."

"My family is going through difficult times. I have respect for every person, respect for all men and women with whom I worked. I repeat that I never willingly tried to hurt anyone. I do not want to respond to this in the media and want to do it in front of the authorized bodies if need be. Thank you all," he added.