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Reservists (file)Flash 90

The Ministerial Committee on reserve services confirmed Monday several new benefits for active reservists who are enrolled in academic institutions. Final decisions are due to be submitted to the Council of Higher Education.

First on the agenda is the decision to increase the Perach scholarship for student-reservists, giving them approximately a 50 percent increase in scholarship money. This would mean that ten thousand students would receive an added NIS 1,500 ($3800 USD).

The ministers further decided that the examination day benefits would extend to all student-reservists, as opposed to the previous rule which only applied to students who fulfilled ten or more days of active reserve duty.

"The reservists are society’s brick wall. They are a symbol of giving and a symbol of friendship. They are worth more than what we are giving, but at least we’re starting in the right direction,” said Minister of Education and Chairman of the Council of Higher Education MK Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home).

“They leave everything – family, work, comfort – to serve in the reserves. It is our duty and responsibility is to take care of that system and maintain its excellence. Today's decision by the Ministerial Committee is another step in our commitment to reserve soldiers, and we will continue to increase and improve their well-deserved compensation," said Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon.