The seized weapons
The seized weaponsPolice Spokesperson Unit

Police special forces together with Defense Ministry workers thwarted a smuggling attempt on Sunday at Tarkumiya Crossing in southern Judea, as a driver attempted to sneak automatic assault rifles into sovereign Israeli territory.

The weapons seized at the crossing were a long Kalashnikov assault rifle as well as a short Carl Gustav submachine gun.

The lethal arms had been hidden inside a trailer truck on its way from Judea and Samaria into sovereign Israel. The driver of the truck, a 34-year-old from the Jewish town of Adora, was arrested and brought in for investigation.

Sunday's arrest took place thanks to intelligence information, which tipped off the forces to be alert for an imminent smuggling attempt.

The truck was carrying a load of iron waste from Judea and Samaria, and as it pulled up to the crossing the driver was asked to pull to the side for a check.

A trained dog by the name of Onyx who accompanied the police forces led them to the area of the truck's wheels, where the weapons were found deftly concealed together with ammunition cartridges.

The police issued a statement saying that the seizing of the weapons joins a long list of police activities this year to combat the wide presence of illegal weapons.