Site of Ashkelon stabbing by Sudanese terrorist
Site of Ashkelon stabbing by Sudanese terrorist Edi Israel/Flash 90

The IDF soldier who on Sunday morning shot dead an illegal infiltrator from Sudan after the latter stabbed a soldier in the coastal city of Ashkelon recounted his harrowing pursuit after the Muslim terrorist.

The terrorist, 34-year-old Kamel Hassan of Sudan, stabbed and lightly wounded the soldier at a bus station in Ashkelon before fleeing the scene.

The soldier who eliminated the terrorist told Channel 10 that he witnessed the attack take place as he was on a bus near the station, and described how he jumped out to chase after the stabber for several hundreds meters before shooting him, inflicting wounds Hassan later died of at Barzilai Hospital in the city.

"I saw him before my eyes whip out the knife and try to stab him (the soldier) in the region of the underarm," said the soldier. "I signaled to the (bus) driver to open the door and started pursuing after him."

After getting off the bus, the soldier recalled: "I took the weapon of the stabbed soldier and pursued him (the terrorist)." After one shot the terrorist was slowed but continued running.

"I tried to stop him, and after that, another set of gunfire to the region of his legs," recalled the soldier, noting how he put an end to the flight of the escaping infiltrator terrorist.

The IDF has appraised that the attack was an act of terrorism and not criminal in nature.

An investigation revealed that the illegal immigrant previously had been held at the Holot detention center in the Negev but was released, and from there arrived in Ashkelon where he conducted the attempted murder.