Adelle Biton's memorial
Adelle Biton's memorial Meir Brachiya

A special memorial was held at the town of Yakir in Samaria on Sunday night, marking one year since infant terror victim Adelle Biton died at the age of four, following two years of struggling to survive from an Arab rock attack in 2013.

The five Arab terrorists responsible for her murder were sentenced late last month to a paltry 15 years in jail, after the court charged them with manslaughter instead of murder. In the attack the then two-year-old victim was struck directly in the head. Leftist activists have launched a fundraising campaign to pay the fines of the terrorist murderers.

At the memorial, Knesst Speaker Yuli Edelstein (Likud), Tzfat (Safed) Chief Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu and Samaria Regional Council head Yossi Dagan were present, among others.

"My dear Adelle," said the terror victim's bereaved mother Adva Biton. "The pain is too great to carry, the tears fall with no end, but the knowledge that you left us such a tangible last will keeps me going. ...It is what gives me the strength to keep on. I draw my strength from you."

"I'm sorry to disappoint you, in our state additional victims continue to be murdered who are brought to their deaths with no sin on their hands. Many families join the world of pain. The world of bereavement," added the mother.

Adva Biton called to establish a town in her daughter's memory named Givat Adelle, saying, "it's very important to me on the level of settlement that a hilltop (town) be established...called Givat Adelle on the site where this girl was murdered, there (at the site) there will be life, there will be a memory."

"Mission is not complete"

Edelstein also eulogized the infant terror victim, saying, "Adelle became a symbol, and it's even a bit strange to think that a baby succeeds in influencing so many people and move such great processes that even a man aged 100 does not succeed in moving."

"I personally keep a picture of Adelle on my cell phone, and I don't erase it because I remember what Adelle caused me to do - to promise not to say 'I will take action,' not to say 'I will try,' but rather to promise that the cemetery and this grave in Yakir will never be uprooted and the site will be approved."

"Because the mission has not been completed I don't erase the picture. I have a mission to complete and it will be completed," promised Edelstein.

In his comments, Samaria regional head Dagan noted how Adelle died of complications caused by the attack, and said, "Adelle did not pass away from a disease. She was murdered as a Jew in sanctification of God's name by lowly terrorists who have no humanity."

"We had to deal with threats to uproot the graveyard and the family showed strength and heroism, deciding to bury her here in Yakir. Knesset Speaker, we stand here after a year and we expect that this cemetery will be approved."

Dagan emphasized that the cemetery "is in the territory of the town. Without the bureaucracy of the Civil Administration, we expect a firm stance, we request that you talk to the Prime Minister and tell him 'we're sick of being murdered just because we're Jews.' We are in the land of Israel, we are proud Jews and we need our government to also be proud."

The regional head promised to help Adva Biton establish a new town in memory of her daughter.

"A week ago Adelle's mother asked that we establish a hilltop (town) in her memory, and I announce here that we will establish Givat Adelle here in Samaria. At the site where they cut down life we will add life."

The attack on Adelle occurred as she was in the family car driving just outside Ariel in Samaria.