Yitzhak Herzog
Yitzhak Herzog Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Opposition leader MK Yitzhak Herzog claimed on Saturday that the current wave of terror would not have happened if Binyamin Netanyahu was not Prime Minister.

"If Netanyahu weren’t Prime Minister there would not be a wave of terror," Herzog told Channel 2 News’s Meet the Press.

The opposition leader referred to his "separation" peace plan, which would form a regional security committee consisting of Egypt, Jordan and Israel together with other Arab states in an effort to eventually establish a Palestinian state.

This committee would coordinate a joint fight against radical Islamic terror and likewise advance "confidence building measures" in the Middle East.

"Netanyahu and [Naftali] Bennett and Zehava Galon, [Yair] Lapid and [Avigdor] Liberman are lying to the people - if we do not go for a separation from the Palestinians we will find ourselves in an Arab-Jewish state without any solution," warned Herzog, who added that "Netanyahu today is losing public trust; almost 70% [of] the public support my plan."

He also referred to the idea of ​​"two states for two peoples" and said that "as long as Netanyahu and [Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud] Abbas are in office, we cannot realize the two-state solution."

Herzog also addressed the internal battles within his Labor party, after his recent announcement that the "two-state solution" is not feasible at the current time due to the ongoing Arab terror wave without consulting his party members.

The comments have resulted in a bitter spat within the party, with other MKs from the party blasting Herzog, particularly MK Shelly Yechimovich, who has said she would challenge Herzog for the party leadership.

"Whoever leads a democratic party knows that there are forces who want to replace him; I'm not afraid," Herzog said Saturday.

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