Chief Rabbi David Lau
Chief Rabbi David LauFlash 90

Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi David Lau attacked the government's decision to segregate a section of the western wall for egalitarian prayer on Saturday night.  

"We don't need to fear the High Court of Justice," said Rabbi Lau, on channel two news during an interview. Rabbi Lau was responding to the suggestion that had the issue dragged out then the High Court of Justice would get involved and force mixed prayer services in the main plaza. 

The Chief Rabbi claimed that the government did not contact the rabbinate before making the decision, and feels that the majority of the Ministers in the government do not support the decision. "Even the Ministers who are not Haredi should have refused," said Rabbi Lau. 

Regarding the monopoly of the rabbinate over the location, Rabbi Lau said that "I do not gain anything from the responsibility that I am given. The Jewish people are the real losers here. It hurts me to see this happen."

According to Rabbi Lau the real women of the wall are not the activists who are destroying Jewish tradition and have taken that name, but rather the women of Israel who come everyday and pour out their hearts in prayer. "The real women of the wall stand near the wall every single day from 6 am and pray."