Dog (illustrative)
Dog (illustrative)Yaakov Naumi/Flash90

Traffic police found a lost dog on highway 65 that connects between Hadera and the Galilee on Saturday amid stormy weather. The dog was clearly lost and frustrated and was running back and forth across the highway between cars according to reports by the police. The officers stopped traffic, calmed the dog down and coerced it to get into the police cruiser and off the highway.

"The dog was looking into each car as if he was looking for his owner," said on of the officers, "he was risking his own life with each passing car, and the live of the drivers and passengers on the road." 

The officers, Tzur Rokeah and Michael Kessler, proceeded to take the dog, a golden retriever, to the non-profit animal organization Hadera Loves Animals, whereupon veterinarians checked the dog's chip and located the owners. The Shleimak family told police that the dog had disappeared in the middle of the night and that their son Ziv was also out in the stormy weather looking for the dog. The dog was returned to Ziv and his siblings Rotem and  Regev.   

When Ziv came with his grandfather to collect the dog, Rokeah noticed that the grandfather was his sports instructor while he was at the police training academy. 

The parents of Ziv, Rotem and Regev, owners of the dog thanked the police for their efforts in returning the dog, who is named "snow". 

Since 2005, it has been Israeli law that all dogs owned by individuals are required to have a chip implanted under their skin that includes the names and contact information of their owners. These chips also include health information of the dog as well as its name and breed. Every veterinarian as well as animal aid organization in the country possesses a chip reader which is capable of identifying the animal. Yediot Aharonot reports that over the past few years, private individuals and animal activists have purchased them as well in order to help locate and identify lost dogs, as the price of the chip readers has diminished to only a few hundred shekel.