Hadar Cohen
Hadar CohenIsrael Police

Hadar Cohen, the 19-year-old Border Police officer killed Wednesday in a shooting and stabbing attack at Jerusalem's Damascus Gate, was brought to rest Thursday afternoon at the Yehud military cemetery. 

Hundreds attended the funeral, including Ravit Mirilashvili, Hadar's comrade who was also injured in the attack. Earlier on Thursday, she attributed her life to Hadar's heroism.

Cohen's father Ofer recited the Kaddish prayer for his daughter, before eulogizing her: "My beloved Hadar, my dear daughter...who was more beloved to me than anything. How am I supposed to separate from you now, how?"

With grief choking his voice, he continued, "everyone says you were a hero, a true hero, that you saved lots of people with your body and soul. But no one truly knows you my Hadar, your warmth. I have three words (in Hebrew - ed.) to tell you: I'm proud of you. I'm proud of you and salute you. Rest in peace, may your soul be entwined in life." He then raised his hand to his forehead and saluted his daughter.

Other family members said at the funeral, "she was a hero and now she is not with us."

"We threw her a party for her enlistment two months ago," recounted Hadar's cousin, Ofri Cohen. "She was a crazy fighter, she said if she wouldn't do it, who would? She always fought and always cared." 

"Last week we were with here and she had just finished her oath (to the army)," Cohen continued. "She spoke about how hard hard it was for her but how much effort she made to stay. She was not afraid." 

Hadar's cousin said "she always wanted to join the Border Police," noting that "she saved her friend and immediately pulled the trigger. We take comfort in the fact she died heroically."

An aunt, Zehavit Cohen, said, "Hadar was a good girl and stunning. Everything she wanted, she achieved. She longed to join the Border Police and fought to get there. She always said how fun and good it was, even when it was hard."

"I told her, 'Don't worry, you are larger than life.'"