Tzabar deputy commander Tzahi Goshen
Tzabar deputy commander Tzahi GoshenIDF spokesperson

The Givati Brigade's elite Tzabar Battalion will pull out of Hevron on Thursday after six months of intense and challenging activity in the city which falls under the military jurisdiction of the Judea Regional Brigade. 

The battalion entered Hevron as part of an operational activity at the start of August 2015 - one of the quietest periods known to the city overall, and in the Judea Regional Brigade in many years. 

A heating up of tensions, however, began across Judea-Samaria just over four months ago with the start of the ongoing terror wave. 

An attempted stabbing attack at the "Shoter" barrier in Hevron on the eve of Yom Kippur was the first violent incident the battalion was tasked with; the event ended with no casualties among Israeli forces. 

Since that attempt, both the city and the battalion have seen many attacks. In spite of the months-long tension, the battalion remained alert, sharp and successful in neutralizing Arab terrorists attempting to harm Jewish residents of Hevron and Kiryat Arba. 

In addition to daily patrols around the city, the battalion's commanders and soldiers conducted arrests of suspected terrorists nearly every night in all possible weather conditions. 

As they prepared to pull out of Hevron, the soldiers spoke of the warm embrace they'd received from residents - thanking them for their concern, help and support. 

The battalion's deputy commander, Major Tzahi Goshen, noted the six-month operation was "difficult and challenging, but also unique and educational. This period has improved and strengthened us as a battalion, and brought us together."

"We thank all the parties who took part in this activity, including settlement officials, security agencies, and the Judea Regional Brigade, who provided us with warmth and strength. We wish great success to the Shimshon battalion replacing us" in Hevron.