Netanyahu visits injured policewoman
Netanyahu visits injured policewomanAmos Ben Gershom, GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu visited Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem on Thursday to meet with two injured terror victims. 

The Prime Minister visited Ravit, a female Border Police officer injured in the deadly shooting and stabbing attack at Damascus Gate Wednesday afternoon, as well as another soldier wounded in a shooting attack in Beit El on Sunday. 

After the visit, Netanyahu declared, "I have visited now with Ravit, who acted heroically and resourcefully along with her colleagues. Together with the commander of their force, they prevented a large disaster." 

"I'm impressed by her courage, her position, her strength and her family," he added. "And of course, we are all saddened by the death of Hadar Cohen, a real heroine. We all embrace her family."

Netanyahu stressed the government was conducting a "large effort against terror. Kabatiya is closed, the IDF is operating there with the Shin Bet and making widespread arrests. We have cancelled many work permits into Israel and the attorney general informed me yesterday that he has added a number of terrorists' houses to be slated for demolition. This is just part of our efforts."

It will take time to overcome terror, Netanyahu asserted, noting that "Islamic terror has spread all over the world and incites millions in many countries from Jakarta to Africa all the way to California." 

"We are in this fray, it is not passing over us, but we are fighting it with great force and will continue to do so," he vowed. 

Netanyahu praised the injured warriors, telling them "Your responsiveness and resourcefulness prevented a huge disaster. All of Israel embraces you and hopes you get better soon."

Ravit recounted to the Prime Minister the sequence of events during the attack, adding, "We are here to protect citizens. This is why we enlisted and why we are here. I have no doubt Hadar knew this and acted out of this belief."

"I understand that Hadar saved my life," she added.