Opposition chairman MK Yitzhak Herzog was on Sunday evening heckled by angry members of the Labor Central Committee during a party gathering in Holon.

The goal of the gathering was to launch the “Widening Circles” project for expanding support for the party. As part of the program, MKs from Labor/Zionist Union turn to outside audiences in an effort to bring them closer to the Labor party’s positions.

But as Herzog began to introduce the project, a handful of activists interrupted his speech. The activists held signs and booed Herzog, not allowing him to deliver his speech.

Herzog has come under fire from members of his party in recent days, following his public declarations that it is currently impossible to reach the two-state solution.

MK Shelly Yechimovich, who has said she would challenge Herzog for the party leadership, blasted Herzog for the comments, declaring that media reports on his remarks were the first time she had heard of Herzog's new, more right-leaning, political plan. 

According to the former Labor leader, before announcing such a plan Herzog should have discussed it with party members, especially as it veers from the beliefs of many of the party's Knesset members. 

Yechimovich was not the only MK to attack Herzog. Other MKs did as well, and not just from the Labor party. MK Ayman Odeh, head of the Joint List party, on Saturday said Herzog is “not relevant” because of his remarks.

MK Michal Biran, leader of the “Widening Circles” project, said on Sunday night she regretted the incident in which Herzog was heckled by the activists.

"I'm sorry about the riot tonight at the conference, but except for this incident, which of course attracts media attention, it was a successful event with activists from all over the country and from all walks of Israeli life gathering to discuss the process that will allow us to expand the circles of the partnership.”

"It is too bad that ugly internal fights came up this way, but this is part of the nature of a democratic party. Overall I consider the launch of the program a success and am confident that it will help the Zionist Union expand its ranks and bring about the desired change," added Biran.