Bus in London (illustration)
Bus in London (illustration)Thinkstock

British Police have launched an investigation over anti-Semitic abuse on a London bus

According to reports, a man of Middle Eastern appearance travelling with a young child hurled anti-Semitic abuse at three victims in their early 20s.

According to a female victim, while the group were exiting the bus on their stop, the man uttered “these f***ing Jews.” When she asked him why he thought what he was saying was necessary, he looked directly at her with no response, “but told his son that we are ‘disgusting Jews’. At this point the rest of the group I was traveling with got off the bus but three of us remained.”

She claimed that the man and the boy later “placed their fingers across their throats while smiling at us” as the three walked away from the vehicle.

The allegations were reported to police last month and an investigation is ongoing.

A police spokesman said that, “Detectives are investigating an allegation of anti-Semitic abuse. Officers are working with Transport for London to obtain any CCTV that is available,” and urged the public to call the police hotline with any information.

This incident comes around one year after another man was jailed for shouting anti-Jewish epithets on the same route in Golders Green.