Footage from the operation
Footage from the operation Police spokesperson unit

Border Police officers on Sunday morning nabbed a truck smuggling illegal Arab infiltrators into sovereign Israeli territory, and were shocked to find no fewer than 41 Arab illegals crammed into the cargo of the truck.

Intelligence information was received on Friday morning tipping the forces off to a commercial truck suspected of transporting in the illegal Arab infiltrators from Judea and Samaria.

The officers set out and succeeded in tracking down the vehicle driving on Highway 6.

After pulling it over, they opened the cargo and found a full 41 Arabs lying on the floor, with no seats or security measures whatsoever.

תיעוד: 41 שב"חים דחוסים בתא מטען

The driver was arrested for investigation, together with eight passengers who had criminal records. The rest of the illegal infiltrators were questioned and summarily returned to Judea and Samaria.

While most Arabs who enter sovereign Israeli territory illegally do so to find off-the-books work, there have been countless examples of infiltrators entering so as to conduct terror attacks.

In many cases the two routes go together, as there have been numerous cases of Arabs, often illegal infiltrators, taking advantage of their employment to launch lethal attacks.

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