Anti-Israel protest in Stockholm, Sweden (illustration)
Anti-Israel protest in Stockholm, Sweden (illustration)Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Even as Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom leads her country to a schism with Israel by condemning the "execution" of terrorists, one daring Swedish MP has come out demanding the financial aid to the Palestinian Authority (PA) be reconsidered.

Swedish MP Mikael Oscarsson (Christian Democrats) two weeks ago warned against further funding of the PA, after Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) director Itamar Marcus presented Swedish opposition MPs with overwhelming evidence of PA and Fatah incitement to terror.

"The (Swedish) government has decided to double its aid to Palestine after the recognition (as a state), but we cannot just continue to give money without taking this hate propaganda into account," said Oscarsson, as quoted by the Swedish Varlden Idag two weeks ago and reported by PMW on Sunday.

Marcus's presentation to the Swedish parliament came on Oscarsson's invitation, and the MP emphasized that since Sweden is a major donor to the PA, the state must question the PA's policies in light of the "important information" regarding its open incitement.

The MP explained that his goal in inviting Marcus was for the Swedish "MPs to receive important information. Sweden is a large contributor to Palestine and therefore we must also present counterclaims."

In response to the clear animosity broadcasted by the PA indicating a clear impediment to any possibility of peace, Oscarsson said the opposition will grill Wallstrom over Palestinian incitement.

"We must check where the funding that we send to the PA is going. We cannot support incitement to terror. We will call Foreign Minister Wallstrom to the plenum and force her to answer to the evidence of (Palestinian) incitement that we just saw," said the MP.

He also said that Wallstrom' calls to investigate Israel's "extrajudicial killings of Palestinians" are viewed as Swedish support for Palestinian terrorism by the PA leadership.

"Now the (Palestinian) acts of violence have intensified and also use Wallstrom's statements as a kind of support. It is very important that the government breaks with this image and shows that it is possible to consider this kind of information (on Palestinian incitement), which is not an expression of opinion but only translation from the official Palestinian (TV) programs."

Marcus's presentation two weeks ago in the Swedish parliament can be viewed below.