Im Tirtzu protest (illustration)
Im Tirtzu protest (illustration) Courtesy of Im Tirtzu

Dean Maccabi Salzberger, a grandson of famed novelist Amos Oz, directed a vengeful and vindictive Facebook post Saturday night at grassroots Zionist group Im Tirtzu, following the group's attack on artists and men of letters who hide the fact that they are activists in radical organizations.

Oz was singled out for his membership in the public council of B'Tselem, a group recently shown to be involved in "ratting" to the Palestinian Authority about Arabs who sought to sell land to Jews, and thereby getting the sellers tortured and executed.

The fact that Im Tirtzu apologized for the attack did not seem to matter to Salzberger, who called the group "a cancer."

Under a photo that shows himself in IDF uniform, being hugged by his grandfather, he wrote: "Attached is a photo of my grandfather Amos (the foreign agent) Oz crying with emotion at the graduation ceremony of the Officers' Course I completed several months ago. A few days ago, you incited to violence against him and others, who hold different opinions from yours. They also happen to be people who love the land, who love people, and who are Zionists. And even if they are not, they have the right not to be incited against in this way."

"My grandfather, like any citizen of Israel, has the right to speak his opinions out loud," he declared. "Without apologizing. Without declaring loyalty. That is how democracy works…

"Much has been said about the sources of your material financing," he continued, in an apparent reference to a contribution that the group received years ago from Pastor John Hagee. "I will only add that your 'ideological financing' comes from places that are light years away from the ideas of the variegated Zionist movement, which are foreign to Judaism (and regrettably familiar to the Jews) and dangerous to Israeli democracy.

"You are the cancer in our society. You are the real foreign agents. You incited to violence against my grandfather, and no expression of reservations or apology will help. And it is my duty to fight against your ugly and inciting group until it disappears completely and is condemned."

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