Katharina von Schnurbein, the European Commission's coordinator on combating anti-Semitism, spoke with Arutz Sheva about Europe's efforts to protect its Jewish communities.

"We see that Jews live in fear and this is certainly not the ideal of the founding fathers," she said. "The whole community is living in fear and has to go to schools with protection, has to go to the synagogue with police in front."

She acknowledged that anti-Semitism can come from any source, "from the right, from the left, from the Muslim side," and insisted that the European Commission not allow people to express their hatred of Jews while claiming they are only opposing the State of Israel's policies.

With that, von Schnurbein pointed out that "we have to be very nuanced. We should not target whole groups, we should look at individuals."

"But it is clear that we have clear European values - these values include democracy, rule of law, equality, equality between men and woman, also non-discrimination. Those who are here and who come here have to adhere to these values."

"We look at the Jewish community in Europe. For us, their safety, their fears are our concern. We want to make sure that they feel that they have an entry door to the European institutions, that we take policy measures that really help them to live here, to stay here. And we know that many Jews who live in Europe do not want to be seen as agents of Israel, although they have a very special relationship with Israel."