Along with the revelation that Tel Aviv shooter Nashat Milhem was planning additional terror attacks, the Shin Bet released on Wednesday disturbing video footage found on the terrorist's cellphone. 

Milhem disposed of the phone in Ramat Aviv before murdering Shimon Ruimi and Alon Bakal during an attack on a pub on Tel Aviv's central Dizengoff Street, and later gunning down Druze taxi driver Amin Shaban in the north of the city.

סרטוני הטל' הסלולארי של המחבל

The footage shows Milhem, who family members have called mentally unstable, drinking copious amounts of alcohol, and talking about smoking hashish and snorting some unknown substance. 

He is also seen ranting in Arabic against Jews, cursing Muslims of the Shia sect and even threatening US President Barack Obama. 

In one video, Milhem calls Obama "the Christian" and orders him to convert to Islam threatening that the US President will need "Jesus to save him" if he refuses. 

Milhem also warned of his upcoming shooting, asserting a "second attack" was coming soon to Tel Aviv so the "Jews know who they're messing with." 

The terrorist's phraseology, particularly his diatribe against Shiites and demand that Obama convert to Islam, would seem to mirror language used by the Islamic State terror group. 

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