Deputy Attorney General for Special Projects Amit Isman, has decided against opening a criminal case into the Im Tirzu “foreign agents” video.

According to a letter sent by Attorney Ilona Inbar from the Deputy’s office, the Deputy states that “there is no reason to open a criminal investigation against the publication of the video." 

"The main reasoning for this is that the call to action in the video is very clear and asks viewers to support the creation of a law that the video is promoting. The video does not call for violent action of any kind.”

Accordingly, in response to various Facebook posts and comments made on the video it was also decided not to pursue a criminal investigation, due to the doubt as to whether or not Facebook posts arouse “the real possibility” of violent actions being carried out as is prescribed by law.

Representatives of Im Tirzu welcomed the decision. “We recommend to the New Israel Fund and to MK Zehava Galon who submitted the request to the Attorney General to spend their time instead trying to cause the arrest of a certain worker of the foreign agent organization B’Tselem, that is supported by the New Israel Fund, due to his sending of Arabs civilians to be killed at the hand of the Palestinian Authority.”

Im Tirzu went  one step further and said, “we call upon the Attorney General to investigate the New Israel Fund for their support of the boycotting of Israel, for their involvement in calling IDF soldiers war criminals, and for trying to uproot Israeli democracy.”

“We will continue the fight against foreign agent organizations, and no childish ploy such as this will deter us.”

The video published by Im Tirzu depicts the heads of organization such as B’Tselem, and Breaking the Silence as foreign agents, asserting “They live among us as foreign agents. When we fight terror, they fight against us.”