Bezalel Smotrich
Bezalel SmotrichMiriam Alster/Flash90

The coalition crisis over the eviction of 200 Jews from Hevron continued to brew on Sunday as MK Bezelel Smotrich (Jewish Home) launched yet another attack on Defense Minister Moshe (Bogie) Ya'alon. 

After Ya'alon defended the decision to remove the Jewish residents of Hevron from two legally-purchased buildings in an interview with Army Radio, Smotrich took to Twitter to vent his anger. 

Responding to Ya'alon's claim the residents were "intruders," Smotrich blasted, "Intruders?! Residents who purchased homes at full price are intruding?! I listened to Bogie's rhetoric against settlers in the interview and it's just shameful."

Sources close to Ya'alon said Thursday that in order to populate a house in Hevron, it is necessary to receive approval for the purchase, have security clearance and also receive approval from the political echelon - which they claim the 200 Jews did not do. 

"There is nothing illegal about entering these houses," Smotrich continued, slamming the above claim. "Under the applicable law in Judea-Samaria, you do not need purchase approval to move back into your home."

Smotrich also attached a photo of the aforementioned order, which asserts there is no need to submit an application for such approval. 

"It turns out you can give purchase approval without a request and without documents," Smotrich noted. "It's in the hands of Bogie and the 'rule of law' is a poor excuse."

In his interview Sunday, Ya'alon contended that "with Smotrich, and a few others from my faction, I share no common language. I hope Likud will walk in Begin's path and not of these people on the fringes."

"With whom in the political system does Ya'alon share a common language?" Smotrich charged in response. "Maybe Tzipi Livni. The responses of most of the Likud ministers teach that he doesn't [share one] with them either."