After coming under a severe and prolonged attack by nationalist NGOs and politicians presenting them as "planted" agents, ultra-leftists including the New Israel Fund (NIF) appear to be losing some of their cool.

A case in point was a Knesset Channel confrontation between NIF Board President Talia Sasson and MK Anat Berko (Likud) Monday, regarding Israel's proposed bill mandating transparency as regards foreign governments' meddling in Israeli policy-making.

In a somewhat bizarre performance, Sasson snickered when the host mentioned nationalist philanthropist Irving Moskowitz, and accused Berko of "taking money," only to immediately take back the accusation.

She then appeared to mumble, "If I don't, she'll kill me," addressing either herself or the glass of water she held in her hand.

Sasson accused Berko of promoting a regime under which she needs to thank God if a policeman does not put her in handcuffs and escort her out of the studio.

In a statement that some nationalist thinkers have pointed to as extremely telling, Sasson also argued that contributions by private individuals are more dangerous than ones from foreign governments, because "states are committed to values, whereas individuals are not."