(Illustration)Israel news photo: Flash 90

The city of Hadera will be celebrating its quasquicentennial anniversary next week. As the city turns 125 years old, it will begin commemorating the momentous occasion with events that will take place throughout the entire year beginning on Tu B’Shevat.

Hadera Mayor Zvika Gendelman appointed Deputy Mayor Hedva Yehezkeli in charge of the celebratory events which are aimed at different age ranges of the city’s residents.  

All sections of the city council and appropriate bodies and organizations in the city will be taking part in the celebration.

Getting things started will be a special tree planting on Tu B’Shevat, the Jewish birthday of the trees which has lead in part to the city’s identity having begun from a citrus planting 125 years ago, and has even been incorporated into the city’s emblem.  

Yehezkeli told reporters of Israel Now that “the city of Hadera, in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and the Committee for Agriculture in the Knesset, has initiated a tree planting regimen that will symbolize the original orchards of the city which were planted in 1891. We approached every school in the city, both high schools and elementary schools, with the option of planting symbolic orchards in their schools. Much to my gratification, we have received an overwhelming positive response.”    

The city’s education department has stated that over 35 schools have agreed to take part in the project.  

Yehezkeli and the city have determined that each school will receive an “orchard 125” project kit, which will contain 6 citrus trees and a specially designed sign stating that this orchard is part of the project and is being maintained by the students.

Citrus Growing Expert Yaakov Herzeno will conduct special instructional sessions for all school superintendents, which will include how to properly prepare the ground for the orchard, proper irrigation practices, positioning, the need for pesticides as well as other topics.

According to Yehezkeli, “a project of this magnitude, which encompasses all of the schools in the city, and which connects the next generation to its roots and the generation of those who founded this city, is a truly meaningful and exciting project, and I am happy that the excitement has spread. I wish to thank the Ministry and the Agriculture Committee who have taken their gloves off to help to educate the students in our schools on how to properly care for these trees. This is helping to strengthen the connection between the children of Hadera and the land in their city and birthright.”