Jimbo, a 21-year-old Kodiak bear weighing in at nearly 1,500 pounds (680 kilograms) and standing almost ten feet (three meters) tall on his hind legs, was caught on film this week showing his playful side, giving a human friend a cuddly hug that would likely terrorize most people.

The massive bear hug was a friendly moment with Jim Kowalczik, a retired corrections officer who serves as director of the Orphaned Wildlife Center that Jimbo calls home.

Staff at the Center explained on Facebook that Jimbo "doesn’t do any performing or tricks. He has been with us since a cub."

Noting that the bear had his birthday turning 21-years-old this month, the staff added that Jimbo was born in captivity and "had no skills to be released back into the wild."

Orphaned Wildlife is a non-profit rescue center in New York.

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