Shark (illustration)
Shark (illustration)Credit: Thinkstock

Divers have been flocking to the area of the electric station in Hadera on the coast in the north, so as to take a rare swim together with sharks bathing in the warm waters - so much that authorities have issued a warning to keep clear of the lethal fish.

On Thursday the Israel Nature and Parks Authority and the Israel Diving Authority issued a warning, telling the public not to go diving with the sharks near the power station.

The sharks have something of an annual tradition, showing up in the area at this time of year to escape the cold wintry waters and warm up by the power station, which emits hot waters into the sea.

Sharks prowl the region in herds, basking in the warmth and circling in the shallow waters.

In recent days the authorities have picked up on the fact that many divers have been attracted by the predatory fish, entering the water to swim with them and watch the sharks from up close, or else film them with underwater cameras.

In response, the authorities have sounded the alarm, warning the public that diving in these areas puts them in life-threatening danger.