Adele Biton and her mother, Adva (file)
Adele Biton and her mother, Adva (file) Yoni Kempinski

Leftist activists, including some Jews and at least one Israeli, have launched a fundraising campaign to pay the fines that an Israeli court meted upon the five Arab youths who murdered a baby girl, Adele Biton.

Biton was murdered by the terrorists who threw rocks at the car she was traveling in on April 2013, hitting her in the head. The youths are also serving 15 years in jail, following a plea bargain.

Adele, who was three at the time of the attack, was grievously injured in the resulting crash and was left with severe neurological damage. She passed away in February of 2015, after her condition deteriorated rapidly from a bout of pneumonia. She was not yet five.

Writing in Shvi'i magazine, Ishay Fridman revealed that leftist activists in Israel and abroad have been corresponding with each other in an effort to raise the money to pay the fines. The initiative, he wrote, came from Paula Abrams Hurani, a Jewish woman who lives in Europe and who co-founded "European Jews for a Just Peace/Women in Black."

Fridman also quotes another activist, Dr. Dorothy Naor of Herzliya, as writing in an email that the entire affair is in fact the story of "five boys who are guilty of nothing," and who are about to go to jail for 15 years "because of a stupid settler woman who claimed that the accident in which she crashed into a truck that was parked at the side [of the road] was caused by rock throwing."

"The Israel Police will believe any stupid story against Palestinians," she claimed.

Speaking to Fridman, Naor took back the remark about the "stupid settler woman" but insisted that the youths had been framed. She said that she based this opinion on her acquaintance with "the village, one of the mothers of the boys and the general story from reading about it in the media." She said that she and other activists intend to contribute to the youths.