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Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Wednesday accused US President Barack Obama of leading a flawed immigration policy, that is leading to a sharp spike in terror plots by foreign Muslim "refugees."

Even as Obama works to have roughly 170,000 people from Muslim nations receive residence in the US in the coming year, cases of "refugees" turning out to be jihadists planning attacks on American soil have been on the rise.

Cruz said efforts to get the administration to let Congress investigate the immigration histories of at least 113 migrants arrested on terror charges have been repeatedly blocked, and sources have revealed there are at least 1,000 ongoing investigations into Islamic State (ISIS) members living in the US.

“Almost every day there is a new case that documents the relentless attacks being waged against our nation," said Cruz, as quoted by the Washington Free Beacon on Thursday.

“We have militants who have infiltrated waves of refugees to come to American and plot attacks. We have Americans who have traveled abroad to train returning to wage jihad here. We have home-grown terrorists who are receiving instruction online to hatch attacks.”

Cruz warned that "we have to stop treating this pattern as the isolated actions of lone wolves. They are a pack."

"We have to coordinate our actions to protect ourselves - and since President Obama told us last night (at the State of the Union) he has no intention of taking robust action to defeat this enemy, Congress must act by passing TRIPA,” said Cruz, referencing legislation placing a three-year hold on granting residency for refugees from countries where ISIS or Al Qaeda hold large swathes of territory.

The Republican candidate also called for "ending the self-defeating political correctness that prevents us from calling radical Islamic terrorist attacks for what they are."

Stephen Miler, a spokesperson for Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL), was also quoted by the Washington Free Beacon as saying the over 680,000 immigrants from Muslim countries in the last five years have led to ever growing networks of radicalized Muslims.

“Unprecedented rates of migration, combined with poor screening, have created a perfect storm,” Miller said. “There are now nearly 1,000 open ISIS investigations within our borders, and underneath these cases are large extremists networks made possible by a total lack of immigration controls.”

Last week Cruz and Sessions together launched an investigation of the way the Obama administration continues to refuse to release immigration records for 113 immigrants recently charged with terrorism, including the perpetrators of the lethal San Bernardino shooting in California late last year.

Obama's administration has been withholding the immigration records from the two senators ever since last August.