A picture of Tair from the murder investigation
A picture of Tair from the murder investigation Flash 90

A Magen David Adom (MDA) "wishing ambulance" picked up Shmulik Rada from Poriya Hospital in Tiberias and brought him to the inauguration of a synagogue in Katzrin that was built in honor of his slain daughter, Tair.

The synagogue, which will be called “Tair Shevet Achim” (Tair dwells amongst her people), was an idea that Shmulik came up with two years ago.

Elana Rada, Shmulik's wife, told Arutz Sheva how thankful she was that her husband could attend the opening. “We are overjoyed. Shmulik came up with this idea two years ago. The idea began to take shape with the help of the Katzrin local council. We can’t believe that we actually made it to this day.”

Shmulik being treated for terminal cancer. According to Elana, the difficulties he faces due to his illness had them worried that he wouldn’t survive to see the synagogue opened. “When he contracted cancer, we were very worried as his situation deteriorated about whether or not he would be able to attend. Last month we approached the general public and requested donations to help finish the building of the synagogue.”

Elana was extremely thankful that people stepped up to answer the call. “With the help of this amazing nation of people, our dream is being realized. May you all be blessed.”

“I want to bless this nation, and I want to bless them in our synagogue today,” exclaimed Elana. “Together we succeeded. We were helped in part with a concert by [singer/songwriter] Peer Tasi, and many other contributors, both large and small. People donated from one shekel to hundreds of shekels. From a chair to a window. Because of that we have a beautiful synagogue today. The work continued day and night, and today, our dream is becoming a reality.”

Tair Rada was slain in one of the local high school, Nofey Golan, in 2006. The murder appeared to be motiveless and shocked the country. Four years after the incident, repair contractor Roman Zadorov was convicted of her murder and sentenced to life in prison.

As of yesterday Shmulik was still in severe condition at the hospital. “People in every corner of the country have been praying for Shmulik, and today he woke up with more strength. We will be leaving soon for the inauguration. And today, finally after years, we have some joy in our hearts that alleviates some of the pain we feel. Our wish has come true.”

According to the MDA website the "wishing ambulance" is a Magen David Adom initiative, which aims to fulfill the wishes of individuals who face serious or terminal illnesses and/or who are not independently mobile.