Anti-immigrant protest in Cologne
Anti-immigrant protest in Cologne Reuters

Ex-MK Moshe Feiglin, who heads the Zehut party, thinks the large scale New Years' Eve sexual attacks by Muslims in Europe are part of a much larger cultural upheaval. The simultaneous attacks, he said, were met with indifference by local police forces, media and politicians.

"Western Europe is kneeling and inviting the noble Muslim savage to rape it," wrote the maverick politician on his Facebook page. "What is the meaning of this phenomenon? Were there only German women at that train station in Cologne? Where were the men?"

The Muslims who leave their home countries seek Germany, Sweden and Finland not just for financial reasons, he speculated. "There is something much deeper at play here. Western Europe is actually the most secular place in the world. Most of humanity believes in God – the US, too, is mostly populated by believers. Western Europe is an island of atheism; the situation there is reversed.

"This is a culture that has removed God from its consciousness. It took God out of the game and locked Him up in museums," Feiglin theorized. "The pressure of the Allahu Akbar culture bursts naturally into the irreligious vacuum – it is a matter of physics, really. Of intercontinental maleness and femaleness."

"Generations of denial of God have engendered a craving for authority and meaning," the philosopher-politician explained. "The police does not attempt to prevent the rape just as it did not attempt to prevent Kristallnacht, because in truth, it is desired. The battered woman syndrome, the subconscious, the political correctness of Merkel and those who invite in the immigrants, actually desire it.

"Mein Kampf, too, is making a huge comeback, and has turned into an overnight smash hit – and for the same reason. A hunger for absolute, violent authority. ISIS is hypnotizing the West. Europeans are converting to Islam in droves. London is wearing a veil (It's a lot like the complacence with which we accept the knife attacks).

"The circle closes with crazy speed," Feiglin observed. "Women's liberation disappears. The State will not protect you – get used to it. Your Godless religion has evaporated. Find yourself a man – a Muslim one, of course – to protect you. There is no other masculinity."

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