HevronKobi Finkler

Yochai Damri, the head of the Hevron Hills Council, responded on Tuesday to the attempted terror attack at Beit Anoun Junction, near Hevron, by placing the blame on a US organization that funded the construction of a traffic circle at the location. Local Jewish residents claim that the traffic circle, which forces vehicles to slow down as they pass it, makes it easy for terrorists to tell Jewish motorists from Arabs and to attack them with precision.

“Today, we saw another attempted terror attack at Beit Anoun Junction. A terrorist attempted to stab a soldier and our amazing soldiers succeeded in preventing him from carrying out his wicked plan and killed him. But, the story here at the traffic circle, where terror attacks take place on a weekly basis is much deeper,” Damari argued.

“The traffic circle was established by the American USAID organization. It was established despite repeated protests on the part of the Hevron Hills and Kiryat Arba Local Council, who predicted the situation we are currently experiencing: an area from where it is easy to commit terror attacks, to throw rocks, and to attack Israelis. The local councils suggested various alternatives to the junction that was established, but all of the alternatives were rejected. And this is how the ‘terror attack junction’ was created.”

“The more time that passes, the more the Israeli public is exposed to the destructive influence of foreign funds funneled into Judea and Samaria by various groups and countries. My statements of course join the televised investigative report that exposed, earlier in the week, those so-called ‘human rights activists’ who seemingly take part in terrible and horrible matters.”

“It is particularly following this attack that I wish strength to all those who are attempting to prevent foreign organizations from meddling in our country's affairs.”

Damri emphasized that anyone who says the “NGO Transparency Law” is an attempt to silence legitimate criticism “is disconnected from reality and does not understand the severity of the matter.”

Earlier on Tuesday afternoon, a Palestinian Arab terrorist attempted to stab Israeli soldiers Tuesday afternoon outside the village of Beit Anoun. 

The terrorist was shot and eliminated by security forces at the scene.