Tel Aviv terrorist moments before attack
Tel Aviv terrorist moments before attack Screenshot from YouTube

While conducting the deadly shooting attack at a pub in Tel Aviv on January 1, Nashat Milhem was seen wearing an unusual pair of white glasses. He wore the same pair a week later when he was killed in a gun battle with security forces. 

Walla News! reported Tuesday that police had determined the glasses were a special type used to protect one's eyes from flying objects. 

Police initially estimated Milhem's unusual pair of glasses were designed to prevent facial recognition. The technology for this type of glasses has existed for several years and pairs can be easily ordered online. 

However, a closer examination of the images of the terrorist reveal he was probably wearing a pair of glasses manufactured by the Rec Specs protective sports eyewear company. 

The particular brand, known as MAXX 31, is designed for sporty individuals wishing to protect their eyes from being hit by objects, such as baseballs or hockey pucks. 

According to the manufacturer's website, the glasses conform to ASTM F803, The American Society for Testing and Materials' strictest standard for protective eyewear. 

Such glasses greatly reduce the chances of eye injuries during sports activity, though the technology behind the glasses was originally designed for protection at shooting ranges. 

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