Nurit Koren
Nurit KorenNachi Shohat:Flash 90

The Coalition Representative on the Committee for Choosing Judges, Attorney MK Nurit Koren (Likud) told Israeli reporters that one of the goals that she has set for herself is to oversee the appointing of an Ethiopian judge.

Koren said that “I very much wanted to be a member of this committee as it is a very important committee and one which I have a lot to offer to it as an attorney. My main goal in the committee is to make sure that is equal representation for all minorities among Israeli judges. We are a multicultural society, and so far there is a lack in equal representation.”

“Just recently the committee accepted the appointment of Aharon Farkash, a judge who is disabled, as the President of the District Court of Jerusalem. Miriam Naor has told me that there is a candidate in her office.”

Koren, who held the interview with Israel Hayom said that she is also working towards the appointment “of Haredi judges, so that the Haredim will have representation at all levels in the court system, assuming that a person worthy of the job is available.”

Koren said that she met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and asked for the opportunity to represent her coalition on the committee. Netanyahu promised to help support her, and in a secret ballot that was held for Knesset Members, Koren received sixty-nine votes for the job both from the coalition and the opposition. The other MK who represents the Knesset on the committee is MK Robert Ilatov (Yisrael Beytenu).