Special forces in Arara before eliminating Nashat Milhem
Special forces in Arara before eliminating Nashat MilhemBasel Awidat/Flash 90

A new revelation Sunday night in the investigation after accomplices of Nashat Milhem, the Arab Israeli terrorist who murdered three people in Tel Aviv two weeks ago on Friday before being eliminated a week later, indicates he received help planning the shooting.

Law enforcement sources revealed to Channel 10 that one relative of Milhem, who has been arrested for the past five days, is suspected of having helped plan the attack.

His arrest was extended by an additional seven days on Sunday.

"There is strong evidence that tie the relative of Milhem to the attack itself," the site quoted the sources as saying.

Police on Sunday revealed that there may have been as many as 20 accomplices who either actively gave aid to Milhem, or else recognized him walking around his hometown of Arara in the north where he was found and chose not to report him.

Residents of the town revealed that "many people knew" he was hiding out there, apparently aided by his family, and chose not to inform the police.

Investigators are still puzzled as to how Milhem got from Tel Aviv to Arara, with an accomplice suspected of having helped him. On Sunday police revealed it took him less than two hours to reach the town after conducting the shooting attack on a Dizengoff Street pub - an hour later a Druze Israeli taxi driver was found murdered by the terrorist.

Milhem's funeral apparently will be postponed again to later in the week, after previously being pushed back from 3 p.m. on Sunday to later on Sunday night.

Senior police sources say radical Muslim sources are interested in turning the funeral into a pro-terror rally, which police say is against the family's wishes. Interior Security Minister Gilad Erdan (Likud) has given police backing in the delay.

Concerns over the funeral incitement come on the backdrop of a shocking terrorist funeral early last week in the northeastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shuafat, in which hundreds of armed Hamas terrorists marched and fired automatic weapons in the air, as thousands of people chanted and waved knives and machetes.