Obama and Netanyahu
Obama and NetanyahuGPO and Reuters

Kuwaiti newspaper A Jarida reported Friday that US President Barack Obama seeks to be appointed UN secretary general after his second term as US president ends. The newspaper claimed that Obama has been discussing the idea with senior Democrats and Republicans, some of whom are Jewish.

The report, which admittedly appears somewhat far-fetched, has not been confirmed by any other news outlets and does not name any of its sources. It adds that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has learned of Obama's aspirations and that he is opposing them, supposedly telling people he spoke to: "Is it not enough that we have had to live through eight years of Obama's rule, in which he ignored Israel? Now he wants to be in a position to cause us difficulty in the international arenas?"

The newspaper cites what it says are sources close to Netanyahu as allegedly saying that "Obama is the worst president for Israel, the Middle East and Israel's allies – the moderate Arab states."

A Netanyahu confidant reportedly said that Netanyahu intends to scuttle the "Obama project" of being appointed UN Secretary General, and noted that Obama's term in office has been characterized by a closeness to the Muslim Brotherhood, the toppling of Hosni Mubarak's regime in Egypt, and attempts to forge alliances with political Islam.

A Jarida further quoted the Israeli source as saying that Obama's term is ending with an alliance being struck with Iran, and an agreement about its nuclear program that will "eventually lead to a scenario similar to what is going on in North Korea."

"Israel will not allow this," he added, "and will take the required steps to prevent Iran from manufacturing nuclear weapons, secretly or in public."