Site of Tel Aviv shooting
Site of Tel Aviv shootingYoni Kempinski

Families of the victims of terrorist Nashat Milhem, who was eliminated on Friday after a manhunt which lasted for a week, welcomed his elimination but said that does not fill the void left behind by their loved ones.

Milhem murdered Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi at the Simta Pub on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, and then murdered taxi driver Amin Shaban before fleeing back to the Wadi Ara region where he was located and killed by security forces on Friday.

David Bakal, Alon’s father, said following the elimination of the terrorist that he and his family were convinced that the terrorist would be caught by security forces.

“I did not doubt it for a moment, I was sure they would get him,” he said, according to Channel 2 News, adding, “I was very happy to hear none of our men were hurt.”

The bereaved father continued, "Everyone should learn and know in the future that if anyone even scratches an Israeli, they will suffer the same fate. This is our only consolation."

Avi Bakal, Alon’s brother, thanked the security forces and said, "There is no comfort here - the main thing is that no more innocent people will be hurt."

Iris Ruimi, mother of Shimon, summed up her feelings in one sentence: "I'm happy but it does not bring me comfort."

Meanwhile, Razi Shaban, brother of Amin Shaban, said, “The pain is the same pain - it doesn’t solve the problem.” He called on Israel to ensure such terrorists are caught before they kill innocent people and inflict pain on them.

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