Armed Hamas funeral in Jerusalem
Armed Hamas funeral in JerusalemScreenshot from YouTube

Hundreds of masked and armed terrorists from Hamas's Al-Qassam Brigades "military wing" took part in a terrorist funeral attended by thousands in Jerusalem earlier this week, in an alarming show of force.

The multitude of terrorists fired in the air with automatic assault rifles, and waved knives and machetes in a spectacle common in Gaza, but as rare as it is shocking in the capital.

Video from the incident - which took place in the northeastern Shuafat neighborhood just roughly 100 meters from the French Hill neighborhood and near Hebrew University - was exposed by Channel 10 on Thursday night, after footage from it surfaced on YouTube.

The occasion was the funeral of Mohammed Saeed Ali, whose body was recently returned by Israel despite security cabinet decisions calling not to return the bodies of terrorists as a deterrent measure, and so as to prevent the funerals from being used to recruit new terrorists.

On October 10, Ali surprised security forces who asked to see his identification at the Damascus Gate of the Old City, and was caught on security camera lunging at them and stabbing two officers, causing a third to be accidentally shot by security forces who responded and shot the terrorist dead. Two of the officers suffered moderate wounds, while the third was in serious condition.

When Ali's body was returned earlier this week, thousands formed a human river in the streets of Shuafat just a stone's throw from French Hill, with the sound of rapid machine gun fire puncturing the air.

Amid the gunfire, and while waving knives and machetes, the masses chanted: "this is how Mohammed taught us! How to slaughter the Jews! Wave the swords! We are the people of Mohammed Deif!" Deif is the Hamas terror chief who survived a sixth attempt on his life during 2014 Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, after Israel delayed the assassination strike.

Hamas enjoys strong support in eastern Jerusalem, and in 2007 won in the region in the Palestinian parliamentary elections.

The terrorist group, which has the genocide of Jews written into its charter, has recently stepped up its calls for shooting and suicide attacks, urging the current terror wave to be taken up a notch.

In response to the video from the funeral, the Israeli police said in a statement: "the police are conducting enforcement activities in the Shuafat refugee camp, which is supervised by an orderly crossing from Jerusalem in which all those going in and out of the camp are checked."

Just on Thursday evening a 16-year-old Arab terrorist armed with a knife was arrested at the checkpoint leaving Shuafat on his way to conduct a stabbing attack.