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You don’t have to be an immigrant from the United States to know that prices in Israel are in general quite high, and most items are certainly more expensive than what can be found online.

eBay Israel released the statistics of what Israelis purchased via the online commerce site over the past year, and some interesting discoveries were made, which reflect both the purchasing power and trends of Israelis who have moved a significant portion of their shopping to the internet.

According to a report that appeared on Channel 20, on average, every two seconds an Israeli purchases an item online.

The study conducted by eBay found the most popular items purchased online by Israelis were smartphone accessories, with over 3 million purchased. That means more than one out of every three Israelis purchased an smartphone accessory this year on eBay.

The next most popular items were women's clothing and jewelry, seemingly proving that women do more online shopping than men.

On average an astounding 15,000 women’s dresses are purchased by Israelis each month via eBay.

Items whose sales grew by the greatest percentage in 2015 over previous years include 21,000 smartwatches, an increase of 400%, 3,000 computers, an increase of 230%, and drones with an increase of 650% with over 450 sold ranging in price from $40 to several thousand dollars.  

Another big seller was baby supplies, with 10,000 strollers having been purchased online, followed thereafter by household supplies, make-up, art supplies and toys rounding out the top five categories. Another surprise was that over 4,000 carpets were purchased by Israelis via the online seller.

Elad Goldberg, chief of business operations for eBay Israel said in an interview with Channel 20 that “more than a third of the purchases made by Israelis were done via their mobile phones. We are also seeing another trend wherein teenagers are making  lot of purchases and are influencing their parents as to how to make a smart online purchase."

"One of the new trends that we expect in the near future is social purchasing. That is purchases based upon recommendations of friends and others who leave comments regarding certain products as well as products advertised on social platforms.”

eBay Israel saw a 21% overall increase in the amount of purchases made in 2015, as opposed to the previous year. With online prices being so affordable, many Israelis are joining the trend to purchase online rather than purchase at local stores whose prices are far higher.