Ron Kehrmann
Ron KehrmannMiriam Alster/Flash 90

Ron Kehrmann, whose 17-year-old daughter Tal was murdered in a suicide terror attack on Egged Route 37 in Haifa in 2003, is calling on the Israel Prison Service to reject a request for an early release by one of the accomplices to the attack.

Munir Rajabi, an Israeli Arab who was convicted of assisting the suicide bomber who carried out the attack in which 17 people were murdered, was sent to 20 years in prison but a discussion on his parole is scheduled for next week.

"We hope they reject the terrorist’s request for parole and that he will remain in jail until his last day," the bereaved father told Arutz Sheva on Tuesday.

Kehrmann admitted that some of the families who lost their loved ones in the attack are tired of battles, and hope that common sense prevails and the terrorist remains behind bars.

"Not all the parents have the emotional strength to write letters and to fight. I sincerely hope that the system will be more attentive to those parents and families who have to live through the pain every day, and not allow those terrorists to exploit the Israeli legal system and be released earlier."

Kehrmann said he and the other bereaved families have in the past turned to the Prime Minister demanding that Rajabi’s Israeli citizenship be revoked.

"We asked them from the bottom of our hearts to revoke his citizenship. He helped murder 17 Israelis, nine of them schoolchildren. As part of the family reunification laws, the Rajabi family moved from Hevron to eastern Jerusalem and received blue Israeli ID cards, and then they moved to Haifa and made a nice living," he said.

"Munir Rajabi gave precise information to the perpetrators of the attack and now this brute may very well go free soon, and then we are more likely to run into him in Haifa, maybe at the mall or another store. Therefore, the Prime Minister and the Interior Minister must ensure that this man will not return to Haifa and will no longer be an Israeli citizen. This is a fifth column inside Israel that planned the attack," stressed Kehrmann.