Hezbollah terrorist with missile
Hezbollah terrorist with missileReuters

Following yesterday’s incident on Israel’s northern border, Russia has asked Hezbollah to calm down. According to Al-Arabia reports, Moscow, which assists the terror organization in Syria, has made a direct request to desist from further “igniting the wick of confrontation” between the terror organization and Israel.

Israel and Russia are in direct communication regarding the airspace over Syria, in an effort to prevent any mishaps between the two countries. Russia, however, is afraid that the situation, which has already deteriorated since the death of Samir Kuntar two weeks ago, will continue to deteriorate.

Yesterday an improvised explosive device was placed on the Lebanese border near IDF forces by Hezbollah terrorists. The IDF responded with artillery fire aimed at a number of locations near the Shebaa farms. Hezbollah took responsibility for the attack and said in a press release that it was in retaliation for the death of Kuntar.

Last week a German official reportedly met with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and asked him to refrain from retaliation against Israel, as it would lead to a powerful response and would further escalate tensions in the region. Nasrallah rejected the request, stating that plans had already been put in place to respond.