Five days after the terror attack in Tel Aviv, Police Commissioner Roni Alsheich made a condolence call on the family of Alon Bakal.

As he left the house, Alcheisch called for "significantly lowering the tension in central Israel."  He added: "We are focused on one single mission - to catch the murderer.

"Everything that makes this more difficult or lengthens the chase will not be done. So our policy is to stop speaking about the investigation and to stop releasing information from the investigation. Every piece of information causes damage twice - it harms our ability to bring quick results and it harms security forces."

As part of the renewed effort to catch the terrorist Nashat Melhem, police arrested Melhem's father, Mohammed, and five others suspected of being involved in the attack.

Yesterday, Mohammed called for his son to turn himself in to authorities. "Call me. Maybe I can help you," said the father, who has volunteered with the police. "Come, let's finish this saga. These are difficult days for the family."

He also commented on the arrest of Nashat's two bothers and claimed that they have no connection to the attack. He insisted that their arrests were only an attempt to put pressure on Nashat. "I respect the actions the police and security forces have taken, but don't harm the family who has no connection. I denounce the incident, express my sorrow for the bereaved families, and wish the wounded a speedy recovery."