Manhunt for Melhem extends to PA-controlled territory
Manhunt for Melhem extends to PA-controlled territory Miriam Alster/Flash 90

Israel approached the Palestinian Authority (PA) and submitted a request that the PA help supply Israel with information regarding the hiding place of suspected terrorist Nashat Melhem.

Israeli security forces have begun to reason that Melhem has not only left the greater Tel Aviv area, but that he has left Israeli controlled territory and possibly entered the PA.

In the fourth day of the manhunt, Israeli security officials have widened the net. As time has passed, security forces are checking into all options regarding the whereabouts of Melhem.

The request was made shortly after ascertaining the identity of Melhem and highlighting him as the main suspect in the terror attack. Hebrew news site Walla! reported that Israel also transferred details to the PA regarding Melhem’s identity to help in the search.

Since the original request was made, security forces have been in contact with PA forces to ascertain whether or not Melhem has taken up hiding in PA controlled territory, an option that has not been ruled out as of yet.

The Israeli request is not something that is out of the ordinary, as the two sides keep up an constant open channel regarding security measures, even during periods of intensified terror attacks.

Security forces and Israeli police have also asked the public for help and have begun to distribute updated pictures of the terrorist to the public, and have requested that if anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts that they should contact police.

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