Bennett at Kikar Rabin
Bennett at Kikar RabinPhoto: Spokesperson

As the fourth day of searching for Terrorist Nashat Melhem continues in Tel Aviv, Parents are once again skeptical about sending their children to school. Today is expected to follow yesterday’s pattern of low student turnout in schools and kindergartens throughout the city.

Parents are still worried that Melhem will return and carry out another attack on a school or public space.

Minister of Education Naftali Bennett (Jewish Home) called on parents to send their children to school in spite of the security threat.

“Sadly, the threat of traffic accidents in Israel still far outweighs any security threat that Israel has faced. When facing this psychological threat that we have to endure for an elongated period of time, we are all more or less under a certain level of risk. Wisdom is knowing how to cope with life and living it,” Bennett said in a statement made on Army radio.

Last night Bennett organized a run through the streets of Tel Aviv in a show of support with the city engulfed in a wave of fear. 

At the start of the jog, Minister Bennett said, “I heard that residents were afraid to leave the house, which is exactly what terrorism wants. They want us to be afraid, scared to leave our house, and to lose our normal life.”

Bennett stressed, ''We need to raise our heads and rejoice. The answer to terrorism is the unity of the people.”