Amiram Ben Uliel (right)
Amiram Ben Uliel (right) Arutz Sheva

Israel Security Agency (ISA, or Shabak) sources admit that it is possible that Amiram Ben Uliel, who has been charged with burning down an Arab home last July, killing a baby and his parents, did not carry out the attack alone despite what the charges against him say.

According to the charges filed Sunday, 21-year-old Ben Uliel from Jerusalem was the sole perpetrator of the triple murder at Duma, and an unnamed 17-year-old from elsewhere in Samaria was charged as an accessory to murder for helping to plan the attack.

However, sources in the ISA admitted Sunday to Maariv that it is still possible that Ben Uliel did not carry out the attack alone. "This means that the Shabak investigators believe that the murder of the Dawabshe family has been solved, but not all the way, and there are still details that the ISA has not been able to get its hands on," according to the report.

The ISA sources said that Ben Uliel was part of a Jewish underground, which sought to bring about the appointment of a king to rule over Israel, and to expel all gentiles from the Land of Israel, by murdering men, women and children, among other things. A religious regime was to be forced upon Israel by means of a mutiny, and through terror attacks against key installations that would be carried out by use of barrels filled with explosives.

The ISA has presented a document it says was written by Moshe Orbach, a member of the underground, which outlines a network of activists in cells of three to five people in every community, hilltop and yeshiva. The members of the cells must not know of the actions of the other members, the document states.

One of the sections in the document, which the ISA says was seized on July 12, 2015, calls for setting an Arab home on fire with its occupants inside as a means of causing damage to "the Zionists."

Orbach is reportedly standing trial for acts of mutiny.

A media gag order remains on the interrogation methods employed by the ISA in the case, although sources close to the investigation revealed last Thursday that Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein gave permission to torture the suspects three weeks ago.

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