Arutz Sheva visited the site of the lethal shooting attack in Tel Aviv, in which an Arab citizen of Israel gunned down two victims and wounded several others on Friday afternoon.

"I was in the area when it happened, I heard and saw the ambulances and the security services," said Shamay, a resident of the coastal metropolis. "If it happens here or Jersualem, for me it's the same thing."

Nataly, the owner of the store where the terrorist stood before stepping outside and opening fire on the adjacent pub, said, "we feel that it's great luck...thank G-d nothing happened to our workers and customers, but we're grieving for those who were killed next door."

"Our employees didn't suspect anything, he came in, bought something and then went out and started shooting," she recalled.

The manhunt for Nashat Melhem, the Arab Israeli terrorist who conducted the attack, continues on Sunday. He remains at large after murdering Alon Bakal and Shimon Ruimi.

Scene of the attack
Scene of the attackYoni Kempinski