MK Amir Ohana
MK Amir OhanaYonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Likud's newest Knesset member, Amir Ohana, responded to yesterday's terror attack in Tel Aviv by calling on the government to ease the restrictions on gun licenses.

"I decided to take upon myself the issue of easing the permissions for citizens to carry firearms. If there is not yet a lobby for this, I will create it. If it has been created, I will revive it," said MK Ohana. "The desire is for all citizens without a criminal past and/or relevant medical issues, who serve in the reserves, to be allowed to carry a licensed gun should they so wish."

He further wrote, "Yes, this could sadly lead to more accidents with weapons... but there is no basis to the assumption that more lives will be lost through accidents than lives will be saved in our terror-stricken country. More trained people carrying licensed weapons = more terrorists neutralized at the scene = fewer lives lost.

"It is difficult to fight terror that ripens in the mind of the attacker, as opposed to an organized terrorist infrastructure. The first answer to it is in two parts: 1. A war on incitement (which is also being raged by Fatah and Mahmoud Abbas, whom some of our friends call a 'partner'). 2. Reasonable allowances for citizens to defend themselves, and not to be slaughtered like sheep. Everything I have said is correct whether the incident was terror or criminal. Anyone who rises to kill you - kill him first. I wish a continued Shabbat Shalom, a strong embrace to the families of the victims, and a speedy recovery to the wounded."