Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court ordered Thursday afternoon the release of another minor who was arrested in suspected involvement of the Duma affair to house arrest. The minor was released on bail.

The minor, who resides in central Israel, was arrested two weeks ago, and only after 15 days he was allowed to meet with Honenu attorney Uri Keinan.

After the hearing, Mr. Keinan said, "I am pleased that after 15 difficult days, the minor was released, thank God, and his spirit was able to overcome the unbearable conditions he encountered in the harsh interrogations."

The release of the minor to house arrest comes two days after the release of another minor who was arrested on suspicion of involvement. After 30 days of harsh interrogations it became clear that he had no involvement in the affair.

It should be noted that the investigation into the Duma case is still under a gag order.