IEC workers in action (file)
IEC workers in action (file) Israel Electric Company

Ahead of the season's first expected snowstorm on Friday, Arutz Sheva spoke on Thursday with Moshe Cohen, Jerusalem district director of the Israel Electric Corporation (IEC), to learn about preparations in the capital.

"The Electric Corporation is prepared in accordance with the weather predictions," promised Cohen.

"There is a massive reinforcement of all crews in the country, and of the 103 hotline," he said, indicating the IEC telephone hotline for those wishing to report malfunctions or receive updates regarding the situation of the electric system.

According to the Jerusalem director, "the current storm is supposed to be more in the north of the country, but we are dispatched throughout the country and reinforcing according to need."

"We ask the public to be alert regarding everything connected to safety," emphasized Cohen. "The moment there are suspicions that electric lines are on the ground, without approaching or touching them distance the public from the wires and call the 103 hotline or the 100 (police) hotline."

"We will do everything so that this winter passes quietly and safely, with electricity available."