Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu head to New York
Binyamin and Sara Netanyahu head to New York Avi Ohayon (GPO)

Sara Netanyahu, the wife of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, will be questioned by Lahav 433 investigators Thursday afternoon regarding her alleged misconduct in managing the family's households. 

Mrs. Netanyahu will be questioned by the anti-corruption unit under caution on suspicion she charged personal expenses to the State Treasury and inflated invoices. 

Police intend to use the interrogation as an attempt to determine if the services that received state funding were actually eligible for such funding. According to Channel 10, the Prime Minister's wife may also be questioned about other issues, but this will be the main focus. 

The affair, which first broke a month before Netanyahu was re-elected prime minister, has become known as the "prime minister's residences" scandal.

According to the allegations, the Netanyahus obtained state funding for services rendered at their private home in Caesarea, under the guise the work related to their official residence in Jerusalem. 

Another charge involves public fund misconduct in the employment of an electrician for the Caesarea home on weekends and holidays.

Police clarified that some of expenditures described in the allegations were legal, while others should not have come from state funds.

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