Border Police officer (illustration)
Border Police officer (illustration)Nati Shohat/Flash 90

Border Police officers came under fire by Arab terrorists on Tuesday night near Beit Horon in Samaria, to the northwest of Jerusalem.

Reportedly the officers identified several Arab terrorists armed with guns driving in a car adjacent to the village of Tira along Highway 443, in a section of the road in Samaria to the northwest of the capital.

The officers are said to have approached the terrorists to check them, but one of the terrorists opened fire.

In response the soldiers shot back back, although the attackers were able to escape in their car. No soldiers were wounded in the incident.

Shortly afterwards the Border Police spokesperson said in a statement: "a short time ago in the security fence route adjacent to the village Bayt Duqu, shots were fired by a passing car at a Border Police team."

"The combat soldiers responded with fire at the source of the gunfire. There are no wounded among the forces; Border Police and IDF forces launched a search," added the statement.