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The Tel Aviv District Court sentenced terrorist Mohammed Hafez Cundus to 27 months' imprisonment Sunday, for throwing a grenade at a yeshiva in the city. 

In early September, Cundus arrived outside the building on a motorcycle with hidden plates and without a license, carrying the stun grenade in his gloved hands. 

He threw the stun grenade at the building, on Tel Aviv's Toulouse St., without removing the pin. The building holds a synagogue and a hesder yeshiva. 

A few meters later, Cundus lost his balance on the scooter as a result of careless driving, and hit two parked cars; he fell and he injured his scooter as well. Good Samaritan civilians at the site helped him back on the scooter, where he then fled the scene. 

During interrogation he said that he did so because of hostility toward Religious Zionist Jews everywhere, specifically "settlers" whom he said want to dominate the rest of the country, and he wanted to threaten them and make them leave the city. 

Judge David Rosen ruled that "the defendant was acting out of hostility toward the Jewish public wearing knitted kippot (yarmulkes), in order to threaten the synagogue and yeshiva and make them and others like them to leave the city."

"Furthermore, the defendant drove a vehicle which was he not licensed to drive recklessly; his driving caused property damage."

The defendant's motivations had "a single source," the Judge continued: "a burning hatred for those people, Jews wearing knitted kippot (yarmulkes), who dared to settle in Jaffa (Yafo), perform mitzvot and study Torah."

"The defendant took his weapon and threw it, thus expressing glaring resentment toward them. The defendant did not know the people there." 

Cundus was also fined 1,000 shekels ($) and has had his driver's license suspended for six months.

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