Brit Milah
Brit MilahPhoto: Flash 90

The Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) released Sunday the names given to babies born in Israel in 2014.

Among Jewish boys, the most popular name was Noam (1,600 children were given that name in 2014).

For Jewish girls, the most popular name was Noa (1,478 children) – maintaining the status of most popular Jewish girl’s name for the past 15 years.

One in five Muslim boys was named Mohammed or Ahmed (2,600 and 968, respectively), and among Muslim girls the most common name was Maryam (419).

The most common name among those born in 2014 was Muhammad - a name was so popular that one in seven Muslim boys were given it.

Moreover, the most common names among Jewish children and Muslim girls were only one in 40 children.

In 2012 only 36 boys were named Ovadia. However, in 2013, the year Rabbi Ovadia Yosef died, 117 boys were given that name and in 2014 - 209 boys.

The name Eitan rose from 10th to 7th place among Jewish boys. The increase occurred during Operation Protective Edge (Tzuk Eitan in Hebrew). The name Adele continues to be popular, and is increasing among Jewish girls.

The name Romy is also on the rise coming in at 15th place from 29th the previous year.